"15 things to say to piss off a Smiths fan"


"15 things to say to piss off a Smiths fan".
This article is in "Zero", a brazilian magazine.

1 - Morrissey is gay.
2 - Morrissey is so gay.
3 - Jhonny Marr was ok but the rest of the band was crap.
4 - Jhonny Marr was ok but he was not so good solo.
5 - "Rusholme Ruffians" is a copy of "(Marie's the name)His latest flame".
6 - Morrissey's maturity as a poet was reached in "Ouija Board, Ouija Board".
7 - They didn't need to say that they hated videoclips. The ones they left said it all.
8 - What touches people in the Smiths' discography is that cows sounds in the beginning of "Meat Is Murder".
9 - When I listen to the band I get so excited as andy Rourke used to get on stage.
10 - Morrissey still have time to complain about life and get a descent job.
11 - When Mick Ronson produced "Your arsenal" he was already severally affect by his disease and couldn't distinguish what as right from what was wrong.
12 - Did you buy the pillowcase that was been sold on the Latin-america tour? Did it really had a "Bite Here" in the corner?
13 - You that is a fan: can you explain why Morrissey used a band-aid in the nipple in the "November Spawned a Monster" video?
14 - If The Buzzcocs didn't exist, Manchester would be irrelevant today.
15 - Morrissey is really gay."

That article was very stupid. If the person who wrote thought that it was going to be funny, he was way wrong. "




Alguna vez te comenté eso de que leí "Morrisey: Un poeta moderno, o solo un llorón?"
Está como para citarlo.
sí, la lata es que la traducción es re mala

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